Classical thinking first found beauty in and of itself. Plato added the concepts that true beauty incorporated proportion, harmony, and unity. Aristotle taught that the universal elements of beauty were order, symmetry, and definiteness. Modern aesthetics requires beauty to be simultaneously sensory, emotional and intellectual and involving reflective contemplation; Elite Creators takes the concept beyond this and seeks the sublime enjoyment of not only the beholder but the user in a multidimensional world that includes balance, efficiency and functionality and the ongoing search for perfection.

Elite Creators mission is to bring principles of our philosophy together in the search to provide ultimate solutions. This is represented in our logo by the symbol (see figure right) or Phi, the Golden Ratio (1.618), an expression repetitively found in nature and the universe, correlating with the Fibonacci sequence, and which minds such as Pythagoras, Euclid, Da Vinci and Kepler contemplated. It is reflected in science, music, art and architecture, the petals of flowers, seashells and the seeds of plants. It denotes harmony, order, functionality and the creative force infusing our products with optimal performance and a correlating experience approaching perfection.

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